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          “GZ002 sounds very good.”
          “JH001 is much better than the others.”

          —Joel Fein—

          Joel Fein, Oscar sound nominator in The Buddy Holly Story (1978) and several Emmy Award winners, is a sound mixer and re-recording mixer, who entered British film production with The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) and a list of movies. Since 1992, he has worked almost exclusively in television.

          Difference among Models
          Specifications MA001 GZ002 JH001 JX00A
          Max Input Power 20 W 30 W 40 W 50 W
          Size H66xD66 180x96x70mm 103x91x85 mm 2xD86
          Gross Weight(kg) 0.76 1.85 1.35 1.63
          Number of Sound Source 2 2 4 4
          Direction of Sound Source 2 2 4 2
          Color Blue, Yellow, Orange Orange Blue, Black Blue, Black

          Warning:If the Input Power exceeds the max input power, the underwater speaker may be damaged.

          You should gradually adjust the volume in air first and then put it/them into water.

          e-mail: sunpride@hotmail.com

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