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      Enjoy Music in Water

      US Patent 6,545,948

      Have you ever heard music underwater? Do you want to listen to your favorite news program while swimming laps? Now you can keep up with the latest ball game while relaxing in the spa. You will hear amazing crystal clear sound through your entire pool. DARAVOC Underwater Speaker is a unique speaker designed for you to enjoy beautiful music in water or in high-humidity environments.

      DARAVOC?Underwater Speaker

      The speaker is based on patented technology known as an electric-acoustic transducer. It accepts the electrical signal from the audio system by cable and delivers sound wave in water. There is no power needed for the speaker.

      By connecting the speaker  to the output of an audio system and putting it into water, you can hear pleasing music in the water and in the air simultaneously, or only in the water, depending on your choice. If you use a microphone connected to an amplifier and the speaker is connected to the amplifier, swimmers can hear what someone on the ground is saying into the microphone.

      The communication is in one way and no receiver is required to hear the music or saying, since it is all in the audio range of hearing. You can even use the speaker to hear music while taking a bath or shower.

      The feature of music in water is that the velocity of sound in water is more than four times to that in air. (The speed of sound in air is 331.5 meter/second at 00C. That is 1,482 meter/second in fresh water st 200C and 1,531 neter/second in sea water.) Also, the density of water (1,000 kg/cubic meter at 40C) is much higher than that of air. Once your back of head touching the water, you'll have the feeling of the surrounding music.


      Sold to Countries & Regions:

      United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Romania, Croatia, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Russia, Hungary
      Canada, United States, Mexico, Panama, French Martinique, US Virgin Islands, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay
      Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, India, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Cyprus, Israel, Turkey, Indonesia
      Australia, New Zealand
      South Africa

      The applications are primarily in water or high-humidity air, such as:

      Note::Using the underwater speaker in the air would not damage the device. But we don't recommend its using in the air, because it is designed specially for the application in water or in high-humidity environment.

      e-mail: sunpride@hotmail.com

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